Windows 200 Pro

By cpd1806 ·
Is there a way to upgrade Windows 2000 Pro to Windows xp Pro.

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by JamesRL In reply to Windows 200 Pro

There are retail upgrade packages that will allow you to upgrade from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro.

They are slightly discounted from a regular copy, but not much.


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Not Recomended

by scott In reply to Windows 200 Pro

While there are upgrade packages you can use, it is usually not the best way to handle this.

If you directly upgrade your Win2k to XP, it will also bring along a lot of unnecessary files and settings that may cause problems.

Go ahead and purchase the upgrade disk at the discounted price, but instead of upgrading backup your data and wipe your HDD first. Durring the install it will ask you to insert the Win2k install disk to verify your upgrade .

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Recomended or Not

by myronjams In reply to Not Recomended

I loath the Wipe & Reinstall method; Instead of taking a couple of hours, your looking at a full day of reinstalling, MS Office, games, firewalls, antivirus/spy wear etc... No Thanx!!! I?ll upgrade and take my chances.

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by cworsley4 In reply to Windows 200 Pro

of course there is just buy the upgrade version of xp pro but i do not recomended it if you are running 2000 then your computer will be struggling to keep up with xp. hope this helps you

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