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Windows 2000 -

By mcocmg ·
Hi All,

I've noticed on a couple of my Win2000 based PC's (2 of which I formatted) and now a 3rd one where I am unable to access or see the following:
- Add/Remove Programs window appears blank (no listing of any of the programs) (NO EVEN IN SAFE MODE!)
- Files/Folders under the C:\WINNT folder DO NOT appear (empty - but the system still boots and most programs work -- except Yahoo! IM)(Folder Options>View>Show hidden files..., etc. were checked)

- Windows Update hangs w/no errors (checked Service -- and it's set to Start)

I ran NAV with Internet Security but didn't find anything.

Also, all of this seemed to have surfaced when a couple of my switches died last Monday.

I made some attempts in trying to resolve certain issues separately but was hoping there is an "overall" known resolution or information that can help me.


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Reinstall Internet Explorer

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Windows 2000 -

We've run into a similar problem with some of our machines. Running a complete full reinstall of Internet Explorer fixed the problem on most and quick re-image fixed the others.

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by lowlands In reply to Windows 2000 -

Mr Wiz is correct, a reinstall of IE will fix this.

Run the following command from start/run

rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Setup\SETUP.EXE" /g "C:\WINDOWS\IE Uninstall Log.Txt

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Nothing Happens

by mcocmg In reply to IE

I ran the command line (signed in as Admin) but but when I select Restore nothing seems to happen. I ran the Repair instead and still nothing seemed to occur.

Any thoughts?


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Download IE and reinstall

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Nothing Happens

You need to download and do a complete reinstall of the program. DO NOT attempt to run it from the corrupted files that you currently have on your computer. When you run the downloaded version it will try to tell you that you already have it installed, force it to reinstall anyway.

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Maybe Nav...

by albertiluca In reply to Windows 2000 -

Try to make new user with administrative rights, and log in with it.
Sometime Nav Internet Security can modify heavily user preferences
I've had a similar problem with Internet Explorer and control panel.



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by mcocmg In reply to Windows 2000 -

It turns out that AFTER fixing the user's IE mine went out the window -- I'm in the process of fixing it now.

Thanks to all your Posts/Replies!!


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