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    Windows 2000


    by paulvs1_ · Account $

    If you would like a GMAIL account please read
    the following as printed!$
    Get a $20.00 or $15.00 dollar gift card of
    walmart stor and give me the following as
    [Pin Number] [Code] Rube and plase the
    numbers on the gift card.
    get gmail give me your stuff as printed.
    [Name] [Last name] [E-mail address] !
    Send all of this to
    Put in the e-mail
    [Name] [last name] [E-mail address] and [gift
    card numbers ]

    Subject: Give me gmail for walmart
    Tex tbox:
    Name and last name and e-mail address and
    here id the gift card numbers!
    I will sent you an invite if the card works!

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      by oz_media ·

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      I’ll pay you $1000.00 cheque for the following.

      Your full name (F,M,L), your social security number, you debit card number and pin code and your mailing address (so that I can send you $100.00 of your own miney when I clean you out.)

      Building email lists on a tech site? Do you think people are as dumb as that?

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      by pokemon ·

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      Bob Boop
      i gave you the code at you email

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      by paulvs1_ ·

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