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Windows 2000

By Paulvs17 ·
FREE music ON THIS web site:
no geting in truble.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 2000

Quit scamming points you leech.

Your Q&A stats say it all and you definitely aren't origninal about it.

This site is NOT legal, ulss you liv in Canada where music sharing has not YET been deemed illegal. the site ownder dos NOT have ermission to distribute this music at no cost and YES it is illegal.

His site has ben reported to two of the artists distribution managers ad your ponting to it has also ben passd onto TR and the artists management. I work in the industry and although this is not yet illegal in Canada, it is in the USA, I don't mind bands sharign thier own iles, which is done quite often, but you are just a leech. Want sdomething for nothing and then abuse the TR points system to try and obtain SOME credibility here?

Try or

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by Oz_Media In reply to

I suppose that you THINK it is legal becaus th site itself doesn't provide anything but links to pay P2P programs.

In fact it is a breach of copyrights to reproduce the MUSIC not just the lyrics. the webmaster has created Mdi files in an attempt to stay legal, this is not legal at all. The tableture is also carries copyrights.

If this is YOUR site, stop promoting it, you are breaking the law. If it is NOT your site, stop promotig it, you are alignign yourself with someone who is breakign the law.

If it is just to get poits, you sick sorry man. Points aren't worth ANYTHING at TR, never have.

If ou are lokoig for credibility by aquiring points, any regular user knows to look at your history and your points will give you away as a cheat.

You have nothing to gain, everything to lose, and I do mean everything, these guys aren't taking this garbage lightly anymore, nor are you being clever.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

You'll need to flip a few letters around and add a few orphans but you'll get the drift I think.

You are breaking the law, and not in a very clever way at that.

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by Paulvs17 In reply to

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by Paulvs17 In reply to Windows 2000

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