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Windows 2000

By curtis_lawson ·
Are there any problems I should be aware of with Windows 2000 Professional?

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by davidw1 In reply to Windows 2000

Device drivers can be a problem: there may not be w2k drivers available for older printers, scanners and other devices. Some configurations, such as parallel scanner, printer pass throughs may not work in w2k. Overall, it is more stable and tech friendly than NT4.

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Compared to what?

by MC Cunningham In reply to Windows 2000

If you are familiar (run) with NT4, "No" you shouldn't have any unforeseen problems.

If you are using Windows 98 and upgrade to W2KP, then some of your programs may not work. Any 16/bit software that makes calls directly to the bios (Video or System) will not run on W2K platforms.

I'd check the W2K Hardware Compatibility list before attempting any upgrade to be sure you don't encounter any hardware problems. If you don't run any 16/bit software... you shouldn't really have any problems!

Good Luck,

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Install 2000 as second operating system

by squirrelpie0 In reply to Compared to what?

Have gone through Win 95, 98, 98SE, and ME. Threw ME out in disgust after instability and corruption problems- repeatedly. Clean installed 98SE on partition one and Win2000 pro on partition two using FAT32. Installation went without a hitch and all drivers were there for my COMPAQ 5330-380MHz.
Can go back to 98 if problems, but so far solid as a rock, with perhaps a little flakiness with ZIP on a pass through parallel port.
I'm getting used to not seeing the Windows blue screen of death

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Windows ME

by MC Cunningham In reply to Install 2000 as second op ...

The original question asked about W2K Pro (not "ME"-they aren't the same). My response was in regards to that. A friend asked me the other day about "ME" because that's what Dell is now shipping on their P4 systems. I told him I'd run "W2K Pro" not "ME". Too many people think software certified to run on W2K means "ME" also, it doesn't! Software needs to be compatiable with both W2K & ME!

I share your pain, I've already had several clients gripe at me after getting ME shipped to them from Dell (they didn't ask us [IT] first)! Personally, I wouldn't run a "Dual Boot" system with ME. I run ME at home fine, but I had to download special drivers for my video, Epson USB Scanner, and "Sound Card" (the drivers on the W2K/ME CD wouldn't work 100% of the time). While it has worked fine for me-I wouldn't recommend it for the average user.

Sorry for the delayed response,

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Yes but not

by shuja52 In reply to Windows 2000

Its all depends on what resources you are using.. when I was installing W2K at my older PC with 10GB of HDD, 32 MB RAM, and SIS VGA Card, there was a system halt during the installation. Then I change my M/B (Mercury FST inbuilt intel810 chipset) all is fine, but for test purpose you should install W2K as 2nd BOOT OS, with your WIN 98. 2W2K hardware installation check DIGITAL ID of your Hardwares. It may warn of conflict but generally there are no problem

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