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Windows 2000 and an NT Member Server

By allan ·
I have setup a new server running windows 2000 server. I want to remove the old NT PDC but I have a member server running Windows NT 4 and Exchange 5.5. How can i make the Exchange Server a member server in the new 2000 domain so that all accountsare validated by Win2k??

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Windows 2000 and an NT Member Server

by timwalsh In reply to Windows 2000 and an NT Me ...

If I understand your situation correctly, your new Win2K server is not (yet) a Win2K Domain Controller (DC), and you want to get rid of your old NT4 PDC.

In order to not have to recreate your Exchange 5.5 organization from scratch, you need to migrate your NT4 domain to Win2K.

A few rules about migrating from NT4 to Win2K:
1. Win2K DCs CANNOT exist in a NT4 domain.
2. For a Win2K server to become a DC, Active Directory is required.
3. To successfuly migrate your domain, Win2K and ADMUST be installed on your NT4 PDC.
4. All Win2K DCs are essentially equals (the NT4 PDC/BDC relationship no longer exists).
5. The first DC in each domain has additional roles assigned to it that don't exist on other DCs in the domain.
6. NT4 BDCs can coexist in a Win2K AD domain.

Given these rules, you have 2 options:

Option 1 (if your NT4 PDC meets hardware rtequirements for Win2K): If you have an NT4 BDC, force synchronization between the PDC and the BDC and take the BDC off-line (for disaster recovery purposes). Install Win2K on your NT4 PDC. When the setup program detects that it is being run on a PDC, it will automatically invoke AD installation. During the AD installation process, all your user accounts and security profiles will be migrated. Once setup is complete, you will have a Win2K AD domain controller. Run dcpromo (or install AD) on your new Win2K server (which will turn it into a DC). Force replication between both Win2K DCs. Transfer all server roles from your first Win2K DC (former NT4 PDC) to your new server. Run dcpromo on your former NT4 PDC (which will remove AD and make the server a member server, which you can then remove from the domain).

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Windows 2000 and an NT Member Server

by timwalsh In reply to Windows 2000 and an NT Me ...

Option 2: On your new server, uninstall Win2K and reinstall NT4 as a BDC. Force synchronization between your present PDC and the BDC. Promote the BDC to PDC. Take the BDC (former PDC) offline (for disaster recovery purposes). Install Win2K as in Option 1 on the PDC (former BDC).

The migration process will also migrate all existing computer accounts (which will include your Exchange server). The Exchange server will still see the same user accounts (with the same SIDS) and will automatically become a member server in the Win2K domain.

Hope this helps.

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