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windows 2000 and DNS

By supreme21 ·
Ok Here is the problem I have a network consisting of win98 and win 2000 Pro clients conecting to windows 2000 servers my win 98 clients uses the WINS servers and my win2000 pro clients uses the win2000 dns servers. Problem is we just got a dedicated interent access line installed. The only way for the client to get to the internet if I supply them with the isp dns servers. This is no problem for my win98 clients but for win2000 pro it takes forever to login. I tried different network designs to get it to login faster but it is still noticeable and the people who use win2000 pro are complaining.

Is there anyway i could give my win2000 pro clients the default dns addresses to login but switch when they need internet access? Without doing it manually.

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dns forwarding

by Vila In reply to windows 2000 and DNS

your problem is that when your win2k pro machines ask your DNS server, it try to resolve the query and then forward the query to the root DNS server.
why don't you just set your ISP DNS server as forwarder in your DNS server? (click on the DNS Server properties, forwarders tab)Then your wuery will be forwarded to ISP DNS instead of the root DNS.

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Tried that

by supreme21 In reply to dns forwarding

I can't forward it because it is the root dns server in my private root and it want let me forward to othre dns servers. Any other suggestions around this

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root DNS

by Vila In reply to Tried that

Hmm, I had the same problem before. There is an article in about this (

Here is the essential part of the article:
In standalone networks, the DNS server will automatically assume it has root authority, which means it will assume there are no other DNS servers that have greater authority. To add DNS forwarding, you need to delete the root DNS zone and add DNS Forwarder addresses.

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Thanks! that worked

by supreme21 In reply to root DNS

It worked the login time was faster and the clients connected to the internet. Thanks a lot

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Good Tip - Thanks

by Former MS Supporter In reply to root DNS

Guess we can disregard my reply below. I'd almost forgotten about this one. But I'll keep it in mind, as DNS and its many configurations is always a such a joy to work with.

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by Former MS Supporter In reply to windows 2000 and DNS

Where's your Gateway pointing to? With the dedicated access, you probably have a router (or one of your computers with 2 NICs) providing your Gateway services. Have you tried simply redirecting your workstations' Gateway services to this address, or adding another Gateway pointer into their IP properties? Unless your provider took over your DNS, there shouldn't be too much work needed.

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