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    Windows 2000 and novell


    by brad_fore ·

    I run a novell network and was considering moving the clients over to 2000. I set up a local account and set everything up there and then copied the account to the default user. This account has admin right on the local machine. B when i log the newperson in it stops and wants to match the novell and 2000 passwords up. But if you try and log in after that it will stop the next person and then it screws the first person up. Is there any way to stop this annoying process?

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      Have you tried DLU?

      by russell cohen ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 and novell

      I’m not sure whether I’ve understood your scenario correctly, but have you looked at using the DLU (Dynamic Local User) feature of the Novell Client/ZENworks? This will allow you to automatically create and manage the user accounts on the local machine based on their NDS identity, i.e. the user object only needs to be created once, in NDS. The Workstation Manager component of ZfD will take care of creating the accounts on the workstation.

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