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    Windows 2000 and WPA


    by heckfire ·

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use WPA encryption with Windows 2000? I just installed a Microsoft Wireless-G Router and configured it with WPA for my laptop to connect. Windows 2000 cannot see it, is there a patch I could download for Windows 2000 to support WPA?

    I have installed all of the latest Windows 2000 patches, but this still did not make a difference.

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      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 and WPA

      WPA does work in Win2K, but you need a wireless NIC that support WPA in order to use it. WPA support does not come with most wireless NICs.
      So, eventhough your new G Router supports WPA, your wirless NIC does not. And that is the problem.
      You can look up the manufacturer if they have a driver update that supports WPA, but the best bet would be to get a new wireless NIC with built-in WPA support.
      Everything in the wireless network (access points, routers, machine NICs) needs to support WPA.
      So, it is not the OS that needs a patch, it is the device that needs an upgrade/replacement.

      To read more on WPA in Windows, go here:

      And here is a nice article from Netgear:

      hope this helps

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      by heckfire ·

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