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windows 2000 booting

By d.liddy ·
I have a machine running win2000, I get to the login screen but when I login I get a message stating the pagefile is too small. Does anyone know how I can adjust this so I can login

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But he can't log in

by HereInOz In reply to windows 2000 booting

Good link, Max, but the bloke can't log in to windows to get to that point.

Perhaps, d.liddy, if you post in the Technical Q&A you may get a better response.


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You're right - But try this

by maxwell edison In reply to But he can't log in

I did just breeze through the technical question, one that would have, undoubtedly, received better answers in the Q&A forum (It's probably a 1000 point question), and my quick search of the Microsoft support site led me to that paper.
However, now that I read the problem again (and comprehended), perhaps he can try one of these resolutions.

Caution: One of them involves editing the registry. Backup the registry first before attempting. I know, how can you backup the file if you can't get into Windows? (Hint: DOS is a beautiful thing.)

1. Boot from floppy using boot disk.
2. At the A-Prompt type FDISK /MBR.
3. Press enter.

This will reset the master boot record upon next boot. The page file will be reconfigured (I think).


1. Boot from floppy using boot disk.
2. Navigate to the directory containing the registry file. I think it's C:\WINNT\System32. (However, this is only by memory. The file may be elsewhere.)
3. Run regedt32.
4. Go to the following key:

Hkey_local_machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Locate the following entry:

PagingFiles:Reg_Multi_SZ:C:\pagefile.sys 190 380



5. If the PagingFiles: entry is populated, delete the entire TempPageFile entry then reboot.

(I'd try the first one first.)

Guaranteed to work or I'll refund double the techpoints provided on this question.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to You're right - But try th ...

Wow!!!..... that's quite a gamble of those precious Tech points there Max :).... You are living on the edge!

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w2k boot pagefile error message

by spottypanther In reply to windows 2000 booting

(These instructions assume you can loggin as an administrator)
Dismiss all error messages that appear. When you get to the desktop press and hold down the Windows logo key and hit pause/break key once. This will bring up the system properties applet. Click on the Advanced tab and then on the Performance Options button; Click on the Change button. Knowing before hand what your actual RAM is, multiply it by 1.5 and 2.5 and set the results to initial size and maximum size respectively of the pagefile.
I recommend you to keep the initial and maximum size equal by considering the 2.5 times ratio only. Also it is strongly recommended that you set the pagefile to a different HD that can hold at least that ammount. Will be of no difference in terms of performance if you assign the pagefile to a another partition of the same HD or the same partition where W2k is installed.

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Window 2000 Booting.

by snwatutu In reply to windows 2000 booting

Go to sysytem applet in control panel.Double click it and click the advance tab,perfomance and you will see the option to set your pagefile/system.The minimum is 2mb and maximum is 334mb.You can as well tip the system box to allow the system to determin your pagefile system.Reboot the PC after,to enable the changes.

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Had same problem, here's what I did.

by sytyguy In reply to windows 2000 booting

I initially copied a 40GB HHD to a 80GB HDD, and I could not log on to the desktop, kept getting message, 'no pagefile or it is too small'.
I tried several of the suggestions listed here, like FDISK /MBR, also created a bootdisk from and (so I could run Regedt32), but they were just the recovery disks that are on Win2k install disk, and would not allow me to run Regedt32.
Finally, brought up the 40GB drive Win2k, with a slave drive, and placed the pagefile on the slave, then backed up the 40GB drive, and restored it to the 80GB drive, and then brought that up with the slave drive, and it was fine. Oh, I previously partition 4GB of the 80GB drive, and ultimately placed the pagefile on the 4GB partition, and of course everything works just great, and faster, it seems.


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