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    Windows 2000 Deployment Policy


    by wallacjp ·

    I’m looking for samples of Windows 2000 Deployment Policies for medium/large corporations. Policy should include justification of the policy – something about new technologies, effects of deploying Win2K without centralized planning, etc.

    My corporation consists of multiple operating units which have separate development and support organizations. I’m concerned about rogue development/infrastructure groups deploying Windows 2000 servers outside of our plan. (We’ve already had some problems.)

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      Windows 2000 Deployment Policy

      by sir keg ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Deployment Policy

      as for deployment Policies for W2K in spasific. I’m looking for something simuler. an Application Certifcation Policey for W2K.

      my favort Deploment Policey is though. Make a standerd bace image for hole company with mail and office systems. tell each Buissness unit they nead to certify that there aplications will work on “your” image and ONLY support the boxes with your image and certifide applications. If they want to install stuff with out certification then let them…… out of scope andchrage them though the nose. works good for them devopers and execs that like to play with there systems. I would not give access to your domains to them “Foren systems” for sucrity resions.

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