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Windows 2000 error "Code 31"

By sdtrott ·
I have a Windows 2000 system that had been working fine until a few days ago when I booted the system up and noticed that the sound was not working and I was getting error messages accompanied by beeps. The majority of the errors indicated that drivers for certain hardware could not be loaded (Code 31). I researched "code 31" and it supposedly means that one piece of hardware or driver is dependent on another and that if one driver or hardware does not load properly, it effects dependent hardware, however, the error messages offer no clues as to what might be causing the problem. The following are the symptoms of this sudden breakdown of Windows 2000.
1. Both CD-Rom drives are recognized on initial boot but are no longer recognized by Windows 2000 after startup.
2. The USB Sound Processor does not load.
3. When attempting to connect to internet, an error message appears claiming that another program is using the modem, although there is no indication from the external modem that it is being used.

All of the above hardware items except the modem are suddenly displaying problems under device manager. I have tried uninstalling all of the above and allowing Windows 2000 to recognize and re-install them during reboot, however the problem persists.

No new hardware or software was installed immediately prior to the appearance of this problem.

Norton Anti-virus has not detected any virus.

Reverting the drive using Go-Back also had no effect.

This is a dual boot system with Windows 2000 on one hard drive and Windows 98 on another. Windows 98 is not affected and recognizes all hardware.

Is it possible to resolve this problem without reinstalling Windows 2000? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried...

by NI70 In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

...boot in safe mode to remove all your hardware from device manager?

...booting from your Win2K CD for the recovery console?

...contacted the manufacturer for BIOS upgrade? the latest drivers for your hardware?

Just some ideas that I could think of. Best of luck!

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I had similar..

by Timeslip In reply to Have you tried...

I have had a similar code 31 problem with XP. What worked with me was to go into Device Manager, update the driver for the rogue component and tell the computer to look in windows\system32\drivers. The code 31 vanished and all worked well. It's worth a try.

Re your CD-ROM drives.. have you recently uninstalled easy cd creator? This can cause cd-drives to fail due to a faulty registry entry.

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SOMETHING changed...

by pamcse In reply to Have you tried...

The old adage probably applies: 'Something changed'. Sure you didn't add software or hardware... however trival it may seem? Has the computer been 'automatically updated' in past couple days -- Windows or other software like Adobe?? Hmmmm... I assume no malware involved. (I don't have much faith in Norton!)

What does Event Viewer have on this issue?!? Do not restrict your search to 'failure' messages... check out the success events, too. This may provide insight into what changed.

Although not often successful, I have used Win Explorer file search to look at what files were added/modified within past week only. Again... what changed? DLL carrying a recent date?? New driver mysteriously show up??

Remove all external hardware (PCI cards, etc.). Re-install motherboard drivers -- chipset, audio, video -- as they apply. Error gone? CD drives ok??? I would not go past this point until the PC is working as you expect it to!

Re-install external devices one-at-a-time... verify proper operation after each install before installing another item.

My basic approach: strip the hardware and get the basic host working first.

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Registry clean up

by george In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

Did you tried to clean up the registry?
This will delete all wrong entries pointing to wrong devices or wrong settings for them.
I would suggest 3B Software product. I used it and it worked for me in similar situation. No need to reinstall Windows to solve this problem. Sometimes, removing the driver and reinstalling it does not solve the problem. There might be wrong entries in registry which are not deleted by the uninstall.
Please let us know what you do.

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compelling reason for current configuration?

by notageek In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

Unless you have a compelling reason for running 2000/98 OS's, my first recommendatioin would be to consider a move to Windows XP - not an upgrade - a fresh install of XP. Should solve your current problem and you'll appreciate the performance boost and numerous other benefits of the newer OS.

As far as fixing 2000 - removing the offending hardware from Device Manage and reloading new drivers is a good start. You may want to use the Device Manager you get from a command line which allows you to see all not-present 'hidden' devices. Here are the commands to enter from the command line:
c> set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
c> start devmgmt.msc

when Device Manager opens, do a View/Show Hidden Devices. You will see listed all devices ever installed and not 'formally' removed - the nonpresent ones are greyed-out - and you can remove any device. You won't see the 'hidden' devices form the standard Windows Device Manager and I've had several instances where the hidden devices 'confuse' the OS. So if the good advice given in the other postings and this trick aren't solving the problem, consider moving 'up'.....

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Windows 2000 error "Code 31"

by niket_1984 In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

1.Remove the 'Upperfilters' and 'Lowerfilters' values completely from the following registry key:
NOTE: If you are getting a code 39 message, it may be that additional third-party filter drivers were added to UpperFilters and LowerFilters values in addition to Adaptec filter drivers. In that case, you may try to remove the non-Adaptec filter drivers first, leaving the Easy Creator filters in place to see if the Code 39 goes away. If you still receive an error code 39, 32, or 31 message, remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely in the preceding key.

2. Restart your computer.

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Microsoft Recommended Solution

by keeperocrumbs In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

Yes this is what Microsoft recommends and IT WORKS!

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Windows 2000 error "Code 31"

by shantelle1015 In reply to Windows 2000 error "Code ...

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