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    Windows 2000 folders refuses


    by mwenyap ·

    A folder I created on windows 2002 refuses to unset the read-only attribute. I created a folder copied some files to it and then copied the folder to the CD-R. Wher I restored the folder on the PC desktop it was read-only. I tried to unset the read-only attribute it unchecks but still return the read-only. I tried to reaname the folder still got the same results. Please help..! What is it that I have not done to make this folder normal?

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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 folders refuses

      When files are copied to a CD-R, their attribute is automatically changed to read-only (regardless of what it was before) because the CD-R can’t be changed once it is burned. When you copy the files/folders back to a hard drive, the file attributes are maintained.

      I have noticed that if the read attribute is changed on a folder that contains nothing but subfolders, it doesn’t actually get changed. I have worked around this moving a single file to reside in the root folder in addition to all the subfolders. The attribute change will then happen correctly.

      Hope this helps.

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