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Windows 2000 FTP server Logon problems

By alain.rose ·
Hope anyone can help me out. I have a FTP server installed and configured with virtual directoty's. My problem is that in order for my users to access the FTP I have to add them to the domain admin group. Windows 2000 SRV service pack 4. Now once connected if I remove them from the group they can still access the site until a system restart is performed??????? Users have list rights to the root folder and full access to their folders.

Thank you in advance for any and all help

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disconnect session, set permissions

by arlado In reply to Windows 2000 FTP server L ...

Once a user has connected to your ftp server, removing that user from the domain will take effect only if the user reconnects again or you'll restart the system. To immediately disconnect the user you have to disconnect the session of that user. Check from FTP site properties> FTP site> Current sessions. Set your users to other user group aside from domain admin group to limit their rights; also set the security permissions of your shared folders.

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Permissions Ok, cant connect anyway

by alain.rose In reply to disconnect session, set p ...

Thanks for the reply, my problem is that the users can't connect to the site if they are not part of domain admin group. In the site properties under operators, I did add a group ftp_users. I then add my users to that group, I even added the user to the operators. But unable to connect to site. I did restart the site. They have list permission to the root directory, and full control to the folder assinged to them, and I have a virtual directory pointing to that folder, multiple virtual and physical directory's one IP. Yet unless they are in domain admin group, no connection??? I am now looking in the user account under dial-in section, but I think this is only for VPN. Now my root folder is not shared, my data folder is shared and has everyone full control. Diferrent folder for root because of security. Root folder is called deadend. Now for the data folder they also have list permission
\Root folder\ -->List
\Data folder\ -->list & shared with full control
\Data Folder\user folder\ -->full control
Long post but whant to specific. Im running of idea's (pardon my spelling im french)

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Windows Server 2000 Disc

Someone working for us had an accident last week and trapped a large number of Discs in the safe door. In consequence to this the discs got smashed, such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Advanced Sever 2000 & Windows Server 2000. I was just wondering if you would make me a copy of your windows server disc and post it to me? This is completely legal as I will be using my existing serial number. I am willing to pay the costs to produce the disc and post it. Please can you help?

Please E-mail

Thank you


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