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    Windows 2000 Home networking woes


    by pikk ·

    Hi all

    I know this is not a help forum as such but I’m desparate now.

    Let me explain. I’ve recently upgraded our company domain server to 2003 using DNS. Now prior, we ran NT 4. Several of us have laptops (including myself) and home wireless/wired networks. All of which worked flawlessly before the server upgrade. Now…when myself or others try to connect to their home workgroups (to XP or Win2k boxes), we’re getting the error. “There are no logon servers available to service the logon request”. Now I’ve tried everything and still no luck. I’m going nuts trying to resolve this. Strangely enough though…Net Use did work for me once…but not anymore. Same error at the DOS prompt.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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      Woes of Win 2000 & 2003

      by admin.secret ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Home networking woes

      We had the same problem, it took 4 weeks to get it right after time after time of failiers. We get something right and something else would go wrong. Still to this day I don’t know for sure what it was we did to fix all the problems we we’re having. Went in to the Administrative Tools and went from there. Setting the components up and setting the DSN Servers and then we went to all the workstations and we worked the new group names and copied all the files over to their new group directory and then released the ip address and then renewed them. It’s a lot of crap to go through, that’s what took two ex-Admin so long to do… The hardest part was setting up the Windows 2003 Small Busiuness Servers up. I’ll never do that again.
      I don’t know if this is even going to help you or not, but it’s something for a start, as to where to look and start…

      But the bright side of this is, it all works now. Logons local and remote work.
      I guess we got lucky.

      PS: Don’t call Microsoft, their guys are just as lost as we were.

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      Reply To: Windows 2000 Home networking woes

      by jwalker ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Home networking woes

      Take the machines out of the domains, reboot, then readd and reboot. Also make sure that you dont have ‘’ or whatever on your domain name.

      Be worth a try

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      DNS or work groups

      by techtanya ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Home networking woes

      Once you join a computer to a domain you can no longer connect to work groups. What you must do to share info while off the company doamin is to share out folders on each pc then use a switch to get connectivity between devices. To connect to the internet you should use a router with DHCP and a switch, set internet options to auto detect as well as the network card property settings.

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      Make sure DNS is properly configured

      by jhansen ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Home networking woes

      DNS is much more important in windows 2003 server then it was in NT. You must make sure the DNS reverse lookup zone is set to allow dynamic updates, also be sure the server is pointing to it self in the network dns settings. Make sure that the client computers are pointing to the server in their network settings. Finally, when you ping the domain name, make sure the domain correctly points to the internal adapter address when you get the reply. If you don’t get the correct address when pinging the DNS name of the server from the client then your DNS still is not configured correctly.


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