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    Windows 2000 I/O Problem


    by mrisch7499 ·

    I have setup a dual-boot computer with Win98SE and Win2K Pro w/SP1 on an NT 4.0/SP4 network.
    Everything works fine except there is an enormous difference in the time it takes to copy files from the server(s) to the workstation.

    Example: In Win98SE, it takes about 20 seconds to copy an 8 MB set of folders to the workstation from the server.
    In Win2K Pro, it takes well over 3 minutes to copy the same set of folders to the workstation.

    I have setup another computer with Win2K Pro w/SP1 only, and it has the same problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem

    Is there a tweak in Win2K Pro to solve this problem?

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      Windows 2000 I/O Problem

      by oridjinn ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 I/O Problem

      I have a very similar problem and I have unfortunatley not found a fix for this yet. I kind of lean towards a couple of different things. Either Win2K isn’t handling the Network Card correctly, check windows update to see if their are new drivers or if you can force the card to be a 100mb card. The second thing is that I know the permissions on all files have to be copied to the server and this may slow things down. The third possibilty might be that I am running Virus Scan on both Win2K pro and server and that each file gets checked on both sides when sending, where as Windows 98 just sends the file without checking the file and Win2K server waits to check until after the files have been copied. I don’t think this will help much, so please don’t reject the answer, just leave it as unrated.

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      Windows 2000 I/O Problem

      by bnaritomi ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 I/O Problem

      I also recently installed (clean) Windows 2000 Professional on my Dell Optiplex GX1 128-MB RAM and I am experiencing slow network performance. I prevsiously had Win 95 installed and the network performance was fine. I don’t have a solution… yet. That’s why I’m browsing this page.

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