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Windows 2000 Keeps Restarting

By neek ·
Hey im running Windows 2k and i have a big question, sometimes when i am using my computer, it will just restart when i try to use an application. it happens usually on the same applications. i tried to run a game the other day but before it got to the game, it jsut restarted, i tried to participate in a gamers survey (where they survey what kind of hardware you have) and my computer just restarted. i dont think its my power supply because im using an ANTEC 430 watts power supply. maybe its my surge protector? im not sure. if anyone can help me please let me know. thanks a lot

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Windows 2000 Keeps Restarting

by xmutant5 In reply to Windows 2000 Keeps Restar ...

ok this is a stab in tha dark cause i had almost tha same prob in xp and i'm guessing this cause xp is built on 2k so insted of just getting a blue screen in xp it also restarts automaticly now there r buttons u can click in tha program that u can kill the blue screen and have it juss restart this is what could b happening i suggest to u is find out what u installed or uninstalled or changed before this stuff happend -BUT- if u do get the blue screen in 2k then all that u read is of no use and i just wasted roughly 3mins of ur life sry

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