Windows 2000 network loosing mail connection.

By gloverpd ·
Hope someone can help.
I have two machines running win2000 they are in a local area connection set up within windows, there is a netgear router with broard band connection. The ip addresses are set as the router is set on 10. The ip addresses are then set to obtain automaticaly with the usual resets everything seems to work ok for about a week. The machines can access the net, and the mailgate program works fine passing the mail to the machines. Then for no apparant reason the machines loose the mail function and I have to reset everything again to get it working, and it continues to work for another few days till it fails again. I am aware that a proxy server would solve the problem but then the server machine would have to be on for the second machine tohave internet access. Any advise would be greatfully recieved.

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