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    Windows 2000 – NT4 Trust Problems


    by kbrinneh ·

    We just upgraded our web server from NT4 to Win2K. The upgrade went smoothly except that I can’t re-establish trusts with our NT4 domains that are in a different subnet (and on different physical network). Here’s what I’ve done so far: 1) Created WINS entries for the new servers on the NT4 boxes, 2) Created WINS entries for the NT4 boxes on our Win2K box, 3) The 2000 domain is in mixed mode, and 4) Added the new 2000 domain to the list of “trusting domains” on the NT4 box. However, when I try to establish the relationship from the 2000 domain I get: The cannot be contacted….

    The odd thing is that I was able to establish trusts with the NT4 domains that are in our subnet and on our physical network.

    If anyone has solved this problem, I would be forever grateful if you could provide some assistance.

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      Same problem

      by austinadkins ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 – NT4 Trust Problems

      I cant establish a trusting relationship with a new W2K domain, and an old NT domain, I can trust the NT domain with the W2K domain but the NT domain won’t recognize the W2K domain. A solution here would make my life alot easier.


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        Reply To: Windows 2000 – NT4 Trust Problems

        by kbrinneh ·

        In reply to Same problem

        After weeks of working on this, I discovered that it’s all about WINS. First, you need to make a text file that contains the 1Ch and 1Bh entries for the NT4 PDC that you are trying to establish the trust with. It’s the 1Ch entry that is essential though. Then in your Win2K WINS manager, you need to import that file and verify that the entires were created. After that, you need to point the primary WINS server of the NT4 PDC to your Win2K WINS server (I have no idea why this has to be done, but it’s the only way I could get the trust to work). If you have any more questions or want an example of the text file I mentioned, feel free to email me directly. I would hate for someone else to go through the headache that I did.

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