Windows 2000 PDC and BDC migration to Windows 2003 BDC

By bensin.joseph ·
Hi, all

My current configuration is Windows 2K PDC and Windows 2K BDC. I recently purcahsed a Windows 2K3 server. I tried going through all the MS whitepapers about adprep / adsiedit.msc and etc.. but the Windows 2K3 server still won't join the domain. At this point the PDC and BDC servers both say they are ready for Windows 2K3 servers to join the domain but when i DCpromo 2K3 says 2000 envirnment is not ready for 2K3 to join.

#option 2
My second option is to promote my Windows 2K BDC to PDC and then upgrade that server to Windows 2K3 remove the old PDC completely out of the equation and make the new Windows 2K3 server the BDC. Questions is if i decide to take this route what is the best way to handle this?

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Windows 2000 PDC and BDC migration to Windows 2003 BDC

by tmiller In reply to Windows 2000 PDC and BDC ...

Hey I am curious how you did you upgrade to 2003 I am running into the same issue.


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You guys are seriously confused. There is no PDC or BDC in w2k

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Windows 2000 PDC and BDC ...

I suggest you read about FSMO roles in AD before you proceed, as your terminology will doom you to seriously trashing your system if you don't know what you are doing.

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Confused but working on trying not to be.

by tmiller In reply to You guys are seriously co ...

Yes I realized that after reading an article about 2000 not having PDC and BDC.

So here is my issue now and found out the hard way.

Installed 2003 server moved all the roles over to new server, making it the global catalog, DNS server.

On the 2000 server it has the DC installed and exchange 2000 installed.
Well last night after doing enough research to make me feel somewhat comfortable. I demoted the 2000 server and it was looking good restarted the server and it just went to heck. exchange quite responding checked the services and everything was running.

After sweating it out for a half hour I reinstalled active directory and everything picked up and started running.

Is there something I might be missing from the information I have gave you?

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Confused but working on trying not to be

by ian.hutty In reply to Confused but working on t ...

You could look into Forest Prep and Domain Prep which is a possible reason it all fell apart when you demoted the original 2000 DC, but then came back when you reinstalled AD etc.

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