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windows 2000 perfomance problem

By sevine ·
Hi ,
I'm using windows 2000 pro. Since last week, I realise that my computers performance was getting slowly. When I display task manager, I always see "CPU usage %100". "Memory usage" is in high level.
When I want to print a page, it takes several minutes. ANd other applications like outlook, office are running very slowly.
There is no virus attach. I just scaned new updated Norton Anti virus.
I ran maxmem tool for optimizing memory. But I couldn't solve this problem.

I'm not sure, is this a memory problem or not?
Could you plase, tell me any suggestion to solve Thank you.

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by Jeromey In reply to windows 2000 perfomance p ...

In task manager, what process/app is using all the CPU and Memory. That would be the place to start

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by Eminent87 In reply to windows 2000 perfomance p ...

sounds like you either have a memory leak in one of your software or you have spyware that's taking up all system cpu. i'm pretty it's spyware. go download a freeware called spybot and do a scan and remove all the possible spyware on your machine.

do you have hotbar installed on your machine? i've noticed that hotbar tend to clog up the system by taking all the cpu power. hope this helps!

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by Oz_Media In reply to windows 2000 perfomance p ...

Download AdAware at http:\\ it will remove alll the running processes that are added by surfing and malware from the Internet.

Update it and run it often, it will keep your system clean.

Norton is no screaming Av software and causes ore problems than it is worth by utilizing ridculously high system resources. You're better off, with a free AV program like AVG Antivirus, it is much less intrusive, uses MINIMAL resources and is very effective, did I mention FREE?

Just because you can pay nearly a undre bucks for home pc AV products, doesn't mean they are better than the free ones. Whenever I've removed Norton and installed AVG I have usually got a thank you email shortly after because everything run better. Your outgoing mail is scanned and tagged that is has been certified virus free, your friends will start thanking you as they also start to convert from retail to working software.

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by JimInTN In reply to windows 2000 perfomance p ...

There was a corrupt Update released 1-7-04 thru 1-8-04 that caused system slowdown and unstable operation.

You can go to the following web site to read about this issue.

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