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Windows 2000 printing problems

By unclemarvo ·
I've been happily printing to both a laser printer and colour ink-jet printer through a data switch connected to a Win 2K machine. I've also beena bale to print from two other Win98 PCs networked to the Win2K machine. Just recently (must be after having installed some software) anything sent to either printer came out garbled.

I immediately re-installed the drivers for both printers but this didn't fix the problem. I then checked the parallel port, the data switch and all the cables, and they all appear fine. I connected the colour printer to one of the Win98 machines and it works fine.

I then checked that printing from DOS was ok by typing dir > lpt1 from a DOS prompt, and it printed ok, so the port and the printer are ok.

Today I installed SP2 for Windows 2000 and this had a bad effect - printing from DOS now sends out garbage, so I uninstalled SP2, removed the drivers, removed the LPT port, rebooted and re-installed the drivers. Now it's still printing garbage (only 1 lineof what appears to be PCL text) from Windows and garbage also from DOS!!

Short of re-installing Windows 2000, I'm at a loss. Is there some registry setting I need to modify, or some other driver I should get to solve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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