Windows 2000 Pro needs password to connect to XP Pro network??

By d2nk ·
Ok, heres the deal. For some strange reason our computers are acting up. I have searched TechNet with no good answer. We run mainly Windows 2000 Pro computers with Windows 2000 Servers and some of our newer machines (all Dell) have XP Pro on them. For some reason the XP Pro machines have reverted back to the factory "MSHOME" user groups. And also the XP machines cant see the 2000 machines on the network but the 2000 can see the XP. But when you try to actuall access them you get a "Incorrect password or user name for:" box. Umm.. wtf?? We went in and adjusted NetBIOS like some places suggest but that didnt change the problem. Any thoughts??

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try this

by jmil In reply to Windows 2000 Pro needs pa ...

First of all if you are on a workgroup environment all pcs must be in the same workgroup(xp and 2k pcs).
They also have to be in the same subnet e.g:
Then if the guest account is disabled on the xp machines you have to add to the user database of xp machines all the users of win2000 machines so that win2k machines can access xp machines.
Try disabling simple file sharing on winxp.


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Win2000 to WinXP

by Randoer In reply to try this

I'm running a LAN with 3 win2000 machines and 1 WinXP Pro machine.

The work group must be set to the same on all machines.

File & Print sharing can be either on or off.

NetBios must be installed. Set TCP/IP to obtain IP & DNS addresses automatically. Enable DHCP.

My LAN is both an ethernet and wireless and no passwords are required to get to any of the computers.

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check this out

by binu.joseph In reply to Windows 2000 Pro needs pa ...

ok first see if u can ping the xp machine and vice versa.then check whether the windows firewall is off as well as if u have any third party firewalls turn them off.make the machine under the same workgroup which ur win 2000 pro machines are using.
Hope this helps.

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Follow these steps

by ganesh.jaratarghar In reply to check this out

Follow These steps;
1.Check whether the You have given the NETBIOS Name of the sytem is given properly or no for example:I did a mistake in giving the netbios name in our organization in the lastweek. it was suppose to be like mahesh but by mistake I made it mahesh-d and was trying to ping it but unable to ping I was able to see it in workgroup but not able to access it. Then my Manager guidem to to check the netbios name. It was wrong so I changed it.

2.Check whether the system which you are tryng to acces & the system from where you are trying to access are there on the same subnet or no for example:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:[If it is there then only]

Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: [If it is there in the server]

Then if it is proper then check whether the firewall is disabled or no. If it is enabled please disable it.

If it is disabled and then also you are not able to access then you have to disable the simple file & printer sharing and it will ask you to restart.

If you are able to ping and when you give \\Computer Name or \\IP Address it will show you guest account and wil be asking you the password. In that case follow the bellow said steps:
In the system which you want to access go to my computer---->Manager--->Users--->Right Click on Guest and reset the password and enable the guest account log off and log in both the systems. Now in case if it asks you the Guest password you will be able to give the user name and password you will be able to access it. In case if yes & if not let me know please.


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