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Windows 2000 Prof

By kkgk ·
Hi My system suddenly went to blue screen and saying it's 'been memmory dump.What to do ??
How can I solve the problem ??

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Windows 2000 Prof


In order to answer your question we need to know the information that was presented in the Blue Screen. In particular, it would be handy if you could post the error code (0x00000c00 etc) and any filenames exactly as they appear in the error message.

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by mahend.singh In reply to Windows 2000 Prof

My dought in ur system RAM ,but 1st check ur system virtual memory,n plz increase ur virtual memory size then see wat happened .

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by kevin203 In reply to Windows 2000 Prof

It might cause by incompatible software or hardware program that was load then to cause you dump device screen.

What OS that you are using? Or try to remove or uninstall any new program and software that was currently you put into your pc.

Sometimes it might cause by virtual memory that load your task not going smoothly. It might too slow or too fast.

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by UncleRob In reply to Windows 2000 Prof

Well if this is Windows 2000, when you experience your BSOD (blue screen of death), the only thing you can do is shut down your machine and power it back up again. Win2k BSOD's can be caused by lots of things so need to worry about that right now. If you have any USB devices hooked up to your machine (aside from a mouse and/or keyboard) disconnect them and power up your win2k pc again. Log in and determine if windows is running properly or if you continue to receive error msg's of any kind. If your pc is running fine it could just have been a random occurrence. But to be on the safe side I would reapply win2k sp4, reboot the machine again. Download & install all available security & critical updates, reboot again, perform disk cleanup & disk defrag operations (that is of course if your machine is rebooting & starting up fine again). Possibly purchase Norton Systemworks or download a trial copy of Tuneup 2004 from and perform a registry inspection, cleanup and registry defrag. Reboot again. Unfortunately these pc's don't maintain themselves so this is alot of work. Test reconnecting any usb devices to see if they cause the problem. Check the size of Windows Virtual Memory, make sure that it's at least twice the amount of physical ram inside your pc. How's your harddrive space, are you running low? How about uninstalling any unrequired software apps that you have on your pc, trim the fat off your pc and it will start working much better. Get yourself a good spyware app and scan your machine several times (in safe mode to obtain the best results), get a good antivirus app and again scan your pc just to make sure you're not suffering any ill effects from an unwanted pc virus. Please let us know how your pc is doing when you get a chance to reply back. There's lots more that can be done.

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