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windows 2000 professional

By grasote ·
I want to erase everything on my hard drive (C: and drive) and fresh reinstall W2K. How can I do that?

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Easiest way I know of

by NickNielsen In reply to windows 2000 professional

I'm assuming that you have been told this is the only solution for you, but are other, less destructive options possible? There is no easy way to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch.


The instructions below make the following assumptions.
- First, that you have a Windows 98 boot floppy. You can download one from
- Second, that your PC supports booting from a CD-ROM.

1. Insert the the Windows 98 floppy disk and turn the power on or restart the computer.

2. At the DOS prompt ( C > ) type in (without the quotes) "fdisk" and press <Enter>

3. At the menu, choose the Delete Partition or Logical Drive option.

4. Delete all logical drives and partitions. You may receive warnings that these are not DOS partitions or drives. Delete anyway.

5. Remove the floppy disk from the machine and insert the Windows 2000 Pro CD into the CD-ROM drive.

6. Press <Ctrl><Alt><Del> to restart the machine.

7. Install Windows to your satisfaction.

8. After completing the initial install, download and install Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 ( Restart your computer when prompted.

9. Download and install Windows 2000 SP 4 Update Rollup 1 ( Restart your computer when prompted.

10. Connect to Windows Update and complete updating your operating system and associated files. This may take several trips and reboots.

11. Install and update your applications.

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Boot from cd

by wschindewolf In reply to Easiest way I know of

Your instructions were excellent. But I have a question. If said pc can boot from cd, could the user not delete the partitions from the Win2k setup menu?

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by NickNielsen In reply to Boot from cd

He said he wanted to wipe the drive, then install from scratch... ;\

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by wschindewolf In reply to Shh!
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booting from disk

by Spankylogic9000 In reply to Under-

Couldn't he still wipe the hard drives and reformat them by booting from the 2k disc? I think that's an option after deleting the partition -

I could be wrong, its happen before..

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by NickNielsen In reply to booting from disk

That was BillTheCat's question in his first post to this thread. To reiterate redundantly, yes, he can.

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