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windows 2000 professional

By takdal ·
I had windows 98 on my computer and recently put 2000 professional. Now to shut down my computer I have to hold the power button in until it turns off, like when your computer freezes. Is there a way to fix this in the bios?

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upgrade or fresh install

by ArthurP In reply to windows 2000 professional

There are many question that you will need to answer before we can help you ....

* What is the system that you are running ?
* Which version of the firmware for the BIOS do
you have?
* Was the installation an upgrade, or a freshinstall?

The reason that I ask, is when building an IBM 600 series, I came across a similar problem, where I couldnot restart the machine, but I could shutdown & restart ...

The solution was to flash the BIOS. Once I had achieved this, and conducted a re-installation the system functioned correctly.

Another point ... taking that the installation was 'fresh', did you apply any registry fixes ?

I'll be able to help more once I've received your information


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windows 2000

by takdal In reply to upgrade or fresh install


The system I am using is a Pentium 400MHZ on an ABIT BH6 motherboard.

The BIOS is a 1998 Award PCI/PNP 686. I am not sure what version or the firmware I have.

I did do a fresh install with no registry fixes.
I hope you can help.Thanks,


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by ArthurP In reply to windows 2000

My personal recommendation is to "Flash the BIOS", and then re-install Win2K ..

I've recently completed this task, on a Fujitsu B142, (Win NT & 98 compliant), and the notebook is now functioning correctly with Win2K

Hopefully this helps, if not please drop me an e-mail at & I'll answer you as quickly as possible

All the best


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