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Windows 2000 profile to new XP profile

By pc_essentials ·
Is there such a thing in W2K as the XP migwiz.exe first of all? ... Would make some tasks SO much easier if so .. If not .. The scenario is that a client of mine had an old pc which now purchased a new system and for the past 4-5 years has apps and personal settings within loaded into the machine. I recently have cloned (22gb x-fer!)the drive, made W2K work in the new system without re-installing W2K (The impossible IS possible!) keeping everything intact within the new system .. All programs are running fine then upgraded to XP Pro .. Still all is well. Problem is .. Certian apps with the personal settings within are not there .. Im figuring this is caused by one thing .. A NO NO which ANY W2K user shouldnt do .. Logged in as administrator for all of those years keeping the settings in that profile! eeek! We all know that XP wont allow this (admin logon as a normal bootup user).. Now with everything running smooth his settings within some apps are gone .. (Cad, Photoshop ect) which took major time to get to his likings! Is there a file or utility to save the admin profile and settings to export or manually toss into the new profile created so that he will not have re-do all of those settings again? Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated. Feel free if this issue is not understood to ask futher info on more details.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows 2000 profile to n ...

Use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard supplied with Windows XP to transfer settings from other computer to your new computer.

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by haileyan In reply to Windows 2000 profile to n ...

You need the user State Migration Tool. You can download it from Microsoft here:

Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) version 2.6

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by pc_essentials In reply to

Used the XP CD & Worked like a charm! Thanks again guys

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by pc_essentials In reply to Windows 2000 profile to n ...

Thanks guys! Tomorrow I will be performing this task to complete the job by the sounds of it .. Both of your answers seem to lead to the same operation and sound very promising and exactly what I'm looking for! Your quick replies are most appreciated! The XP CD will be my first attempt and hopefully the last because it looks identical to the Microsoft USMT option. I'll let you know how it goes and post again with the outcome for anyone else that is most likely going to run into the same situation in the future.

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by pc_essentials In reply to Windows 2000 profile to n ...

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