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    Windows 2000 profiles


    by dayko ·

    I have a client PC with Win 2000 pro installed. My PDC crashed big style and I had to reinstall from scratch, recreating the domain and users. My profile on the Win 2000 pro client now says Account Unknown becuase of a conflict with the SID i think.How do i copy the settings etc for the “Account Unknown” profile to my new one. (it’s messed with some of my installed programs etc). The “copy to” button on the profile tab is greyed out.

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      Windows 2000 profiles

      by tprinzo ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 profiles

      the profile settings are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\username, there are sub folders for application data, local settings, nethood. You should be able to copy them like any other file. copy them to a temporary folder, then delete the old user account and re-create, then copy the folders to the correct location, when that user login the computer should use the old setting you copied.

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      Windows 2000 profiles

      by flprdave ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 profiles

      Copy the entire profile over to the new profile.

      Right click on my computer/ goto the user profile tab

      Highlight the old profile and select “Copy To”

      Then browse to the new profile and copy.

      You should not be doing this while logged onas either profile.

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      Windows 2000 profiles

      by vinnyd ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 profiles

      Its the computer account that is missing on the PDC now.
      In Win 2K login as administrator to the local computer.

      Right click on My Computer.
      Change the computer from a Domain to a Workgroup.

      Now change it back to Domain.

      Type in the Domain name of the PDC.

      It will ask you for a login and password for a user on the domain that can create a computer account. (Use the Domain Administrator login and password).

      It should give you a message that the computer has joined the domain and must reboot.

      Once rebooted you can login to the domain with no error.

      Here’s the catch! It will create NEW profiles for the users on the Win2K computer.

      The old profiles will still be there and you can copy the settings and things to the new profile the user has.

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      Windows 2000 profiles

      by dayko ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 profiles

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