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Windows 2000 registry

By computab ·
Windows 2000 crashes after the windows loading screen. Could this be a faulty registry? Possible virus? To get Windows restarted how do I edit the registry in DOS? If I can get Windows started then I can run a virus check.

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by shripalkkad In reply to Windows 2000 registry

If find the issue is with the registry and if you can boot in DOS prompt, then please find the steps below to edit the registry.

Exporting the Registry as a Text File

will create a text file called REGFILE.TXT in the root directory of C drive. You can specify any name and path you want.

Rebuilding The Registry
If you have created the text file as above, you can rebuild the registry files by typing:
This will create new registry files using the data in the Text file you created. On benefit of this procedure is that it screens the drives to verify that the programs listed in the text file are actually present. This is one method of cleaning removed programs from the registry.

Editing The Registry At Dos
The text file you created in the REGEDIT /E process can be edited with the DOS EDIT command. If the registry is quite large, it may not open. Open the EDIT progam. Select Alt, File, Open. Now select "Binary" in the lower right side of the box. This will allow you to open as much as the editor can handle. If you know what the keys are, you can add, remove or change the keys in this file before you use it to create a new registry.

Deleting Registry Keys At DOS
Sometimes you (if you like to experiment) may add a Registry Key that makes Windows inoperable. Or you may want to remove a known key that you don't want in the Registry. Typing:

will remove the entry from the registry. This example is the same key as is listed below. Consider the key as a Directory name. When you delete the key, the data under its heading is also deleted.


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by computab In reply to

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by shripalkkad In reply to Windows 2000 registry

Adding Keys To The Registry At DOS
You can add Registry keys at DOS by creating a REG file. This will have a REG extension. You put the key information in this file. Example:

"DeviceDesc"="Dial-Up Adapter"


If the file is named UPDATE.REG, you would type:

This would be appended to the registry. If you are trying to change a key, you must delete the key before you add the changed key.

If the windows is up you can run the Virus checkup by using your AntiVirus software. Or go for online check up in the below URL:


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by computab In reply to

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by computab In reply to Windows 2000 registry

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