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Windows 2000 server

By flores ·

My boss just upgraded our windows NT print server into windows 2000 server. The problem is after the installation and rebooting. The desktop won't come up but if we rebooted it into safe mode the desktop comes up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Windows 2000 server

by Pan 13 x In reply to Windows 2000 server

uninstall the win2k upgrade. copy all of your server shares (share name ) to a piece of paper.
now either reformat the server and install the server with win2k. if you have data on the server and you need to keep it . you can move it to an additional server.
If the data is to extreme delete all the printers and rebbot after uninstall. the problem is the printer drivers. the drivers are loading crashing the system .
if this is truely a "print server" and nothing more. safe your selk the head . get the printer info and share name and reformat. it is cleaner and will not leave junk hidden on the server. Down the road you will be greatful you did.
Hope this helps. I had to do the same thing . I had 20 printers attached to the server. I wasn't much fun but I am glad I went with a clean install.

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