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Windows 2000 Server Backup

By cwilliams ·
My Windows 2000 server backups start running and then stop, and I get a message saying " Add DLT media to free media pool or to media pool \backup\dlt". The first week I setup my backups they ran fine, the second time around they start and then stopand I get this error each day. When I go to my media pool "backup\dlt", all the media is there. Can someone help me please!

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Windows 2000 Server Backup

by AirHockeyNinja In reply to Windows 2000 Server Backu ...

Is the tape full? How old is the tape? Have you cleaned the tape drive recently? You failed to address a couple of important issues here; how long has the backup system been in place? Is what you are trying to backup bigger than the capacity of the tape? What type of backup are you preforming? What brand of media are you using (this occasionally makes a difference)? What program are you using to perform the backups? Are the tapes locked? If I can be of further help, please Email me.


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Windows 2000 Server Backup

by VinnyD In reply to Windows 2000 Server Backu ...

The W2K server backup looks for the Name on the tape.

If you are scheduling the backup to run automatically you must set the NAME for the media before you schedule the backup.

Here is the trick to make it work.

Run a manual backup of just one or two files.

In the Box "If the Media is overwritten, use this label to identify media" put in a name.

Use simple names like Monday for monday's tape etc.

That small backup puts the name MONDAY on the tape.

Now for you scheduled backups, use the Tape named MONDAY and when you get to the same "If the Media is overwritten" box make sure you put the NAME of the tape you are using. In this case use MONDAY.

Do the same for all the other scheduled backups.

This assumes that youare overwriting the media each day and not appending too it.

I did this and it works fine.

IF you want a different tape each Friday of the month (like I do) use names like Friday-1, Friday-2 etc.

Then make sure you schedule the correct Friday tape on the proper day.

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