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Windows 2000 Server Backup

By paul ·
I have a customer with Windows 2000 server using the backup program that it came with. They are using a Travan Drive and the problem is they cannot erase a tape.

They want a 3 day rotation schedule such that Monday's tape gets reused on Thursday. In the media catalog they can right-click and get an erase option on old tapes (from a couple years back they had found!) but they can't erase ones done just a few days ago.

I figured it was software write-protection logic; i.e. some rule or parameter protecting that data set for x number of days or weeks but I can't find any such setting.

The Travan tape can't be formatted so I really need to be able to erase the tapes.

The other odd thing about the program is there does not seem to be an option to just replace whatever data is on the tape no matter what it is. Ideally the client wants to be able to just change the tape in the morning and when the backup fires that night, have it erase the tape (whatever tape is in there) and run the backup.

I recommended they purchase a better software program for backing up but they won't go for it. This one should work fine, I just can't find that parameter.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


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by stress junkie In reply to Windows 2000 Server Backu ...

I agree with your idea that the customer should get a
better backup program. Veritas Backup Exec or
Arcserve would be fine.

The workaround to this is to destroy the tape header
information that the current software is using to
identify the tape as unwritable. Try a bulk tape eraser.
You can probably get a good one for a few dollars at
Radio Shack or

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by paul In reply to

I don't think that would be a good idea because Travan tapes can't be formated. If I bulk erase, I'll destroy the format making the tapes unusable.

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by VinnyD In reply to Windows 2000 Server Backu ...

If you want to "erase" a tape in Windows 2000 backup you have to do if from Administrative tools, Computer management, Removeable storage.

It is not called "erase" either, its "prepare"

You also have to deallocate that tape first before you can "prepare" it.

However that is not what to do!

The wk2 backup program writes a label on the tape the 1st time you use it. To write over that tape again, you have to use the same tape name!

So the easiest way is to start with a blank tape.

Do a short and small backup on the tape (just 1 file will do). When you click start backup there is a screen that allows you to append or overwrite the tape. It also allows you to "name" the tape (that is where you put the name for the tape).

So if you want a 3 day rotation backup once on each tape and name them "Tape1" "Tape2" "Tape3".

When you go to backup for real choose the correct tape name and you can write over the travan tapes each day.

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