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By mahender_onlyone ·
HI all ,
we have Windows 2000 server and 60 clients running Windows 98 and 5 running Windows XP , in the mornign session after starting the Windows 2000 server and login locally we can not login to Domain through Windows XP gives Error "the system can not logon you now as the Domain XXX is not available " but if we login locally to Widnows XP prof. we can access Server resources through Network neighbourhood after entering user name & password. but after 15-20 Minutes we are able to login Domain with no error (it takes 2 or 3 minutes )and access resources.
In Windows 98 if we login to domain after Server is start up it says "no domain is available to validate your password" we just hit
enter but the good thing is that we can access the server resources through network neighbourhood. but after 15-20 minutes we get no error when login to domain either in XP or 98.

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by Bobsta In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

Add the Win98 computer names to Active Directory-Computers, and re-join the XP machine's to the Domain.
Check DNS by running nslookup from 2000 server.
Make sure you're only running TCP/IP protocol on network, remove netbeui from Win98 machines.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

that is weird. what is in the event log(s) on the xp boxes?
is time synched on all the clients to the authenticationg srver?
have you turned the firewall off on the xp boxes for a test.
are all the clients and servers up to date on windows updates?
did this used to work and lately has problem or did this never work right?
do you have netbios over tcpip enabled

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

does this give same problem when you login with new test account from any xp box? is anything fancy going on like roaming profiles or vpn'ing?
this article had some interesting bits in it:
No Password Expiration Notice Is Presented During the Logon Process
u sure have me wonderign why you restart win2k server each day?

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by CG IT In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

well the real issue here is how your W2K server is setup. If this is an Active Directory environment, you must run DNS. Clients are then configures to query the DNS server to locate a DC to authenticate with. If your server has all services running on it[e.g. is a DC with a DNS server running on it], then the log on issue is the amount of time it takes the server to boot up every morning and get the services running so that clients can then authenticate with the DC. If your running DHCP, it's quite possible that it doesn't start when the server starts. Therefore clients must use cached credentials to log in.

you need to look at the event viewer and determine what errors are being logged every morning when you boot up the server. You probably will see errors logged for DNS and some in the application and security logs. This is the result of some services that depends upon DNS starting before DNS actually starts and other services such as DHCP if you run it.

I would say don't turn off the server every night.

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by tommymcbrayer In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

Is it Active Directory or workgroup? Which ever the case your issue is most liekly caused by an incorrectly setup DNS server. The Windows server needs to be running DNS and pointing to itself for DNS. The clients need to point to the windows server for DNS as well. You will need to verify your clients are registered in DNS as well. Most likely you are allowing dynamic updates in only secure and you need to verify in the tcp/ip advanced properties> DNS tab that the dynamic DNS box is checked on your clients. You can test the DNS by doing a FQDN ping, example server.workgoup.local Sense you are running some legacy clients installing WINS would be a good thing for the NETBIOS. Configure the clients and server to poin to the WINS server which in your case will be the only server you have. If the server is AD then of course you need the AD client for NT 4.0 and below clients. Piece of cake and wish you luck.

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by mkrom In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

check the event log on the domain controller. I have noticed here that the active directory is not enable on the server until it has synced with our another domain controller. You might just be see the time it takes for the domain controller to fail it's search and complete it normal sync process. Why are you restarting your server?

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by winikeh In reply to WINDOWS 2000 SERVER DOMAI ...

Forget about tinkering with the server. I have a kb article from microsoft that could be your issue. It involves a fix on your XP machines.

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