Windows 2000 Server is Slow

By ua ·
I am working in small company. I have one IBM server having 2.4 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 100 MBPS ethernet and 70 GB HDD. We are working on a ERP application have backend SQL server 2000. The number of concurrent user is approx 30.
We are facing problems with server as it works too much slow since last 20-25 days. while i logon to the server locally, this machines is performes slow operations. A simple restart of the server makes server normal temporarily.
Can anyone helps me regarding this matter. I am very puzzled.

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Hard drive full?

by tintoman In reply to Windows 2000 Server is Sl ...

log on to your server locally
check the available space on the hard drive
70Gb is very small for a server
You may find that the hard drive is full or nearly full, generally if it is over 70% full performance will suffer

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More possibilities

by rich.frueh In reply to Hard drive full?

Especially if the pagefile is on a volume that is very full, and fragmented. Definitely check out your volume space free.

Also, use Perfmon to look at I/O counters and memory counters. Look at processor counters to see how much time each process is using.

If it's good right after a reboot, adn then gets worse, I'd bet on memory leak or full system drive.

or a bad patch - when's the last time Microsoft or anti-virus patches were applied?


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