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    Windows 2000 server issue


    by patrick ·

    Hello there,

    I’m in a situation that I am unsure how to implement. I have a client that has around 20 computers (with various OS’s WinXP home, WinXP Pro, Win Media Center) that are connected to the internet via DHCP thru a windows 2000 server NOT running Active Directory. What I’ve been asked that is it possible to block internet access on 6 of the computers but retaining access to the server for storing files. I’m sure this can be accomplished but I’m unsure how. I’ve tried several options already and seeing as how that my client is an engineering firm the employees have figured out how to get around the previous blocks. So far I’ve tried IPsec on a per computer basis blocking port 80, and changing the default gateway. I was reading on techrepublic on another thread that someone suggested on adding a classid to the nics and then doing something at the server to implement the block.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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