Windows 2000 Server Problem

By shoffman ·
Has anyone seen this? I have two Windows 2000 Servers on my domain. It is a Win2K3 domain and these servers just run some SQL servers that we still use. The problem is something happened in the past week and I haven't a clue what it was but I can no longer log onto these two servers. They are both Windows 2000 server standard and they are both patched to the latest service pack and all. When I attempt to log in either as local or domain admin or any other user it says "cannot log on access is denied" the only way I am able to log in is to reboot in safe mode. I tried resetting the domain computer account on one of them and that didn't work and then I tried detaching from the domain, deleting the computer account, and then rejoining the domain that had no affect either. I am now thinking this has something to do with licensing but that is only a guess. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Thanks

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Local policy?

by bart777 In reply to Windows 2000 Server Probl ...

Check the machines local security policy.

Make sure that the accounts have logon access and are not in the Deny local logon policy.

Other than that the only thing that comes to mind is a Virus or Malware.

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Local Policy

by shoffman In reply to Windows 2000 Server Probl ...

Checked the local policy first off. I am of the opinion that it has something to do with terminal services. This error is repeatedly in the application log from Winlogon: Login rejected for %servername%\Administrator. Unable to obtain Terminal Server User Configuration. Error: Access is denied.
event: ID 1219

This happens when either trying to log in as local admin or any domain user account. I booted in safe mode and created another local account with admin privileges and then rebooted and tried to log in with account and the same thing happens.

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you could try.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Local Policy

reinstalling the system services and settings from a backup if you have one.... If not, you could try and rollback the system to a previous date (when it was working last)..... since both servers are screwed, I would roll them both back to the same date... or just the DC, and force replication down to the other server...

or if you can log in as a regular user, you could try and RUNAS PC_NAME\admin_NAME that might give you a slight back door into the admin account so you can make/ find the changes you need to make... My first guess is that something in the local policies is messed up... but Im not to sure...

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tried this

by shoffman In reply to you could try.....

I disjoined one of them from the domain and deleted the machine account. Now it is stand alone. Still the very same error when I try to log in with local admin account. These are both Windows 2000 server so there is no "roll-back" per se'. The only choice I have is a recovery with the ERD that I have. I don't know if that will work but I think I don't have much choice at this point.

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