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windows 2000 server problems

By lblewett ·
Ive tried to install windows 2000 server onto a pentium 2 233mhz machine and i know spare me the not enough system resources speach.. ive had win2k pro running on the machine and now wanted to turn it into a server box to run a couple of near by xp boxes... how ever after fdisking and formatting the disks i decided to do a clean install of win2k server after all the blue screen start up stuff it says starting installation and then just dies in a black screen after screwing around forever with this i stuck the harddrive into a better spec'ed up machine ran the install turned it off once completed ripped the hdd out and stuck in the other machine... booted it, it ran untill the little loady bar at the start was full then it stops turns the monitor off, waits and reboots again... and so ive tried all the start up options safe mode, vga mode, everything... ive tried pulling cards out of the box, and changing video cards.. Does any one have any ideas what so ever?? or has any one ran into this problem? how can i fix it


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by sgt_shultz In reply to windows 2000 server probl ...

tell us about all the hardware in the box?
it is at the loady screen, i like that term. i think it means you got boot record ok and boot.ini ok but somehow can't find os from loader. or maybe it means can't switch from vga text mode to protected mode driver (you can always hope) maybe you violated boot partition size or cylinder limit or something. don't know remember how 2k boots very well but others here do. post more info and guys here will fix you up
got scsi controller? which one. model numbers please. also network card, sound, backup, video, video, video, hard disk. as best you can.
what stop message exactly are you getting on the blue screen. (this is just to jog you to look it up. mskb at has 2k pro t-shooting no boot due to STOP error. my skim of same sez it mostly says check for bad/incompatible hardware and wacky BIOS settings but no clues about which ones. hard disk and video stuff. hmm. just had idea to take all 'optional' cards like nic out of my bad box...
have your pored over your bios sttings and made sure hd stuff looks perfect.
i am also having this problem and need to post for help. in safe mode i can see it hang at loading of mup.sys but no joy searching internet for that. my win2k pro machine (latest sp's and crit up's and drivers) which used to boot b4 move from old office. lost its bios settings which is only change i can figure and darned if i can make it happy now. tried another video card because out of ideas. no cd drive so scrambling to put one it...(sorry,i will post this legit. if i learn useful about mine will post.) good luck

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by escritorio In reply to windows 2000 server probl ...

First, how much RAM do you have on this machine? Put a lot if your want to have Windows 2000 Server.
I have Windows 2000 Server running on an old Pentium I without problem.

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