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    Windows 2000 Server SLOW, unable to remove progams…


    by dhallman ·

    I have to clients sites both running Windows 2000 Server SP4. One is Windows 2000 Server Standard and the other is an SBS 2000 server. Both servers have identical symptoms. Both systems have Office XP SP3 installed, SQL 2000 and Symantec Corporate Antivirus. Both have all of the latest Microsoft patches. I have other offices running this same configuration, wit the same applications with no problems?

    -Unable to remove programs from Add/Remove Programs

    -Unable to copy and paste files from the server console. Clients can copy and paste on network shares.

    -Can not get Symantec Livestate 6 service to start.

    -Internet Explorer will not open links in a new Window.

    Any thoughts? I have tried everything I can think of and I am stuck.

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