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Windows 2000 server Telnet

By Navjun ·
I need to reboot the windows 2000 server from outside and the only way I can conect to it is telnet . is there is a command to reboot the server useing telnet?

please help

Thank you


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by Joseph Moore In reply to Windows 2000 server Telne ...

Ok, you use the Windows 2000 Telnet Service, right? Ok, then I have an idea for you.
No, there is no shutdown command in the Telnet server, nor can the TLNTADMN.exe (I think I am spelling that right) do that either.
But, once you connect via the Telnet client, it is just like being there on the server. You can initiate any command-line based program and see it work.
So, my idea is for you to run a command line shutdown program that reboots the server. The one I use is PSSHUTDOWN.EXE from

You can get the file here:

Download PSSHUTDOWN and put it on the Win2K server you want to reboot. Do it the next time you can get to the server, not via Telnet.

Put the file in the WINNT\System32 folder, so it will be in the system PATH statement and so you can run it from any directory.

Ok, now when you need to connect via Telnet and reboot the server, just run this from the command line:


That says to Force all applications to close, Reboot the server, and run this on the Local machine.

That will do it. I tested it on a server, and it shutdown.

hope this helps

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by Navjun In reply to

I needed this b/c I was not able to get to the server any time soon and didn't want to have anyone else to reboot it. what I actually did. that I put the psshutdoen.exe on and ftp server loged in to my server with telnet and download the file to the server by ftp and then ran it . and the server rebooted .

Thank you

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by allan In reply to Windows 2000 server Telne ...

Another way to do this is to use the built in Terminal Server of Win2K Server. If you can connect with Telnet you should also be able to connect with TS. From the TS session you can directly reboot the server.

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by Navjun In reply to

my problem was that Ts had crashed and I needed a reboot to fix it!!


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by Navjun In reply to Windows 2000 server Telne ...

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