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Windows 2000 Server unusual shutdown

By fabioyogi ·
Hello everyone, Im having a problem with windows 2000 server on a IBM server XSeries, I use this server as file server and domain controller with 30 windows 2000 pro stations, sometimes in the middle of the day the server restart with no reson at all, sometimes I realise that restarts when Im trying to copy some files to my pc, or something related with a file that is storage on this server, I thought that the problems is a network card but I thing Im wrong, and I start to verify on windows task manager I I dont know why he gets the highest picks on cpu usage almost part o the time, there is any steps that I can do to verify or try to understand what is going on?

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by Chris910 In reply to Windows 2000 Server unusu ...

When you look at the error logs are ther any errors or warnings listed?

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by jschein In reply to Windows 2000 Server unusu ...

check the event logs.. application and system.. goto the time when it shut down and check your logs for errors or programs.

1. you have a virus
2. the os is corrupt in some manner- reinstall SP-4 and updates, all system drivers.
3. Automatic updates are running and when it finishes, it reboots.
4. right click my comp, properties, advanced.... Uncheck the box REBOOT AUTOMATICALLY ON ERROR. So if it is a blue screen you can see the proper error message. - if it is one that says IRQ_LESS_THAN_EQUAL... bad memory

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 2000 Server unusu ...

just read screen real real careful. boot up. read blue screen. showing all the ram you expect to see?
i would use system monitor tools to monitor processor, swap file and memory usage...
i see everybody already pitched in with event logs and eliminating virus as possibility.

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by voldar In reply to Windows 2000 Server unusu ...

Have you heard about sasser worm? This is what he do to a computer. So, use an updated antivirus, or if you have not, STINGER (you'll find it using google) and your problem will be solved. Good luck!

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