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Windows 2000 Server VPN prob.

By Supertechie ·
I have a Windows 2000 Advanced server between myself and the internet. It offers a variety of services (web, terminal services, ftp, teamspeak) to my friends and family. I'd like to set this machine up as a 2 way VPN gateway, so i can VPN to it to get seamless internet access, and also have people VPN into it to access my network transparently. It's on a cablemodem DHCP address, but has a static hostname. the network side has a static ip address. The main reason i need this is i run a games server which will not work from a machine working on a NAT connection. I therefore either need people to vpn into me, or be able to appear as though i do not have a nat connection to the internet.
Any suggestions, or solutions?

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Windows 2000 Server VPN prob.

by M.R. In reply to Windows 2000 Server VPN p ...

Just a couple starters.
You mention the network side has a static IP. Most cable/DSL setup change IPs on a regular basis making it hard to do VPN as the endpoint changes.
More important though is that many also filter VPN traffic unless your paying for business service.
You might want to tackle these questions before getting into the setup of the VPN and waste time.

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