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Windows 2000 Server w/mediaone & router

By pctech1 ·
I need to know how to get a windows 2000
server running with my cable internet with a linksys router. I setup the server and active directory but my other win2k workstation won't detect the domain on the network. I setup both systems with fixed IPaddresses. Does anyone here know the steps to getting this to work? The router is set on DHCP. I want 2 workstations to logon to the server.. Any help would be appreciated.


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by rob In reply to Windows 2000 Server w/med ...

I have basically the same setup. Mediaone with a Linksys Cable/DSL Router. Your server needs to do DNS have you done the DCPromo? If none of the workstation are seeing anything check your IP's and subnet. I added to my workstations along with Mediaone's DNS server my DNS IP address. So you can reslove names. If you gave the workstations fixed IP's you need to turn DHCP off on the linksys. Once they see the server just join the domain. Email me if you have a question.


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Turn DHCP off on the linksys

by pctech1 In reply to Setup

If I turn off the DHCP on the linksys, how will my other workstations get IP addresses. Do I just assign them manually. Also how would I configure the Router if I turn off the DHCP?
Yes, I did run DCPROMO..

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