Windows 2000 server with microsoft exchange 2000

By budd11701 ·
we were hosting our own mail on our exchange 2000. All computers are using outlook 2002 on a domain to configure their e-mails from exchange. Our company recently switched the e-mail from our domain exchange server to a pop 3 provider and our outgoing smtp is through dsl server. They would like to only have internet mail delievery. The problem is no one can send or receive messages after setting up the pop3 and smtp providers. I see that the original configuration still exsists in outlook and we are trying to have internet mail delivery only and not use the exchange services anymore. What can we do help?

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by CG IT In reply to Windows 2000 server with ...

If your trying to switch from POP3 to SMTP, then you'll need a DNS service which is authoritative for the domain name your using [or make your DNS server the authoritative DNS server for internet whois queries with your domain registrar].

Once you do that, just reconfigure Exchange to no longer user POP3 for incoming mail and enable SMTP virtual server and connector. .

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I have a smtp connection with a dns service using Exchange 2000

by budd11701 In reply to SMTP?

I have a smtp connection with a dns service using our microsoft exchange server. I want to turn off the smtp connection with dns service and use a pop 3 internet mail service provider incoming mail address and use our outgoing DSL provider address as our outgoing smtp. I would like to set this up in outlook 2002, but I keep getting errors? Any thoughts?

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Tricky configuration

by curlergirl In reply to I have a smtp connection ...

If you're trying to use two different ISP's for incoming and outgoing email, that's a pretty tricky configuration. I'm not even sure if it's possible with Outlook. It's certainly not necessary; if you're going to be using POP3 email accounts anyway, there is no extra charge for using the same ISP's SMTP server to send your email.

Anyway, each user has to have his or her own email account with a user name and password on the ISP's email server first. Then, you would configure each user's Outlook to send and receive through that ISP's POP3 and SMTP servers. You can't just send and receive SMTP and POP3 email without logging on to the sending/receiving servers.

Hope this helps!

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by budd11701 In reply to Tricky configuration

I did sent hope the hosting e-mail pop3 address, user name and password on each local computer, removed the exchange mail and sent up the outgoing smptp for our dsl provider with authentication and it works. Thanks for everyone's help!

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