Windows 2000 Server

By emendoz1 ·
I have a Win 2000 server which had a connection to the internet up until
recently. It is connected via the second NIC card. The first card is
connected to the internal network and the second to the outside world
via a router. All was well until the other day when Norton discovered a
virus and even though it is quarantined the server cannot connect to the
internet. It does however connect to the rest of the network.

Any ideas why?

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It is likely that

by w2ktechman In reply to Windows 2000 Server

your second NIC card needs to be re-installed, or the tcp/ip stack became corrupt or there is a firewall blocking the second NIC's activity.
look through firewall settings, if there is nothing being blocked there (or if the firewalls are disabled on the system) then uninstall and re-install the NIC card (and set it up).

If that does not work, try re-installing tcp/ip on the system.

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What is the name

by Jacky Howe In reply to Windows 2000 Server

of the Virus that has been quarantined.

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