Windows 2000 Software Product Support?

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Does anyone know more or less how much longer there will be software support for Windows 2000? This is just the beginning of my hunt to find out, as a number of customers are still running Windows 2000 on their systems. Microsoft's Windows Defender no longer supports Windows 2000 and therefore, how much longer will it be before other anti-virus companies follow. Feedback anyone? Thanks.

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Support Cycle

by TheChas In reply to Windows 2000 Software Pro ...

Mainstream support for Windows 2000 ended 6/30/2005

Extended support is scheduled to end 7/13/2010

Extended support means that Microsoft will create patches and updates for critical security problems only.

As to third party software such as anti-virus, each company will make their own decision based on the requirements of their customers and what the competition is doing. When any one of the major software companies stop producing a version that installs on Windows 2000, expect the others to follow rather quickly.

On the plus side, since the Windows 2000 core is very similar to the XP core, you can expect software companies to support Windows 2000 for nearly as long as they support XP.


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Windows 2000 Support Ends

The Windows 2000 operating system will reach the end of its supported lifecycle at Northwestern on August 31, 2005. In the interest of ongoing support and security, NUIT highly recommends upgrading to Windows XP as soon as possible.

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Well as others have said already M$ will stop offering any

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2000 Software Pro ...

Support for 2000 in late 2010 but that is only for patches to Security Holes they have already stopped supporting 2000.

On the up side other Software makers still support 2000 and most likely will continue to do so for a considerable time to come as yet mainly because the coding required to support 2000 is almost identical to XP and it would cost them more to develop their code not to run on 2000.

As 2000 is still used by many business I can not see Software Houses stopping any support for 2000 in the Short Term. Like XP it will be around for a long time to come and it is in the best interests of the Major Software Houses to continue to support this OS.

Microsoft has no incentive to continue to support 2000 as to them it is lost sales of either XP or Vista Platforms.


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I was thinking along the lines of what you all posted. Thanks.

by IT Support Desk In reply to Windows 2000 Software Pro ...

Hey you all, thanks for the posts. Your responses were certainly much better here than on Experts-Exchange. I assumed similar thoughts:
1. Win2k and XP code is similar
2. No one really knows, guestimates?
3. When one major vendor, usually others follow

I have a number of clients on Win2k platform servers and am just planning/researching ahead so that the Win2k Server custs aren't left behind. Thanks again for your excellent posts/feedback.

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