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Windows 2000 SP4 upgrade?

By shizmoney ·

I was just wondering if anyone had any comments about Windows 2000 SP4. I have a DC, exchange server, file and print server, etc and I was wondering if I should upgrade to SP4. I currently have SP3 on all my servers and they seem to be running fine. I installed SP4 on my test network and it crashed my exchange and file and print server, so is there a particular order I should follow. I looked on different sites for advice and comments about SP4 but I can't seem to fine any. Please help.

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by jschein In reply to Windows 2000 SP4 upgrade?

He was looking for advice from users that have done the upgrades, not conspiracy theories...

I have 28 servers. The ones with 2k (6) have been updated to SP4. Along with 2 additional patches for the Gaobot worm. The reason for SP4 is to close out more security holes which it does greatly from SP1-SP3.

Have not had any issues.

Servers range from IBM - Dell rackmount systems.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Windows 2000 SP4 upgrade?

I agree with jschien. Go with SP4.
Just make sure you apply it correctly. On your Exchange server, STOP exchange before you put SP4 on it. Also turn off any antivirus software before the SP upgrade. Plus, do NOT install the SP from a Terminal Services session, or from a remote control software (like VNC) connection either. Be right at the machine console screen. Install the SP from the Add/Remove Programs applet.
Treat your servers with kid gloves when doing SP upgrades.
As for me, 40 servers run SP4, as do 70+ workstations and all were fine.

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by mahesh In reply to Windows 2000 SP4 upgrade?

I do aggree with Joseph, the exact upgrade of sp4 procedure for servers through from console with care.

I am running 8 server 120 wks with sp4 with out problem.

SP4 maininly reduces the update time for other security patches from windows update site.

More info is available at following link....

Cheers /Mahesh

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by Pocono In reply to Windows 2000 SP4 upgrade?

conspiracy theories indeed....Good Luck...

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