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    Windows 2000 Trust Relationships


    by k11summers ·

    I am in a windows 2000 domain and established a trust with an NT 4.0 domain. However I cannot see his server nor can he see mine in network neighborhood. We have restablished the trust several times, rebooted our servers and still nothing.
    Any helpand/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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      Whens Issues

      by chris_beegle ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 Trust Relationships

      If you can’t see the server list then you aren’t doing push / pull replication with WINS. On you WhenTooKay that you have configured for WINS you will need to do a push/pull. If this is unacceptable, on the DOM controllers use LMHOST file with the IP address as the domain name and the 16th char as a 0x1C record.

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