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Windows 2000 & Unix Systems

By Jokins ·
We have AIX RS/6000 currently setup as a workgroup and serving as DHCP/DNS. We have installed Win 2000 Adv Server on the same subnet but users cannot login to Win 2000 due to all workstations obtained their IP from UNIX DHCP/DNS. How can I use Unix DHCP/DNS with windows 2000 which will allow users to login to Win2000? We have purchased Services for Unix 2.0 but need to resolve this IP assignment and login problem ASAP. What should I do? Please Help!!!

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NOT AIX fault

by wmusil In reply to Windows 2000 & Unix Syste ...

NT doesn't care if DHCP and DNS are served off of a UNIX system, DHCP and DNS are TCP/IP utilities that Microsoft uses but are more common in every flavor of UNIX. It has to do with the Authorization. NT/2000 will not run Microsoft Networking/NetBIOS without a valid authentication scheme. Most SMB servers/95/98 systems allow share level security. Usernames don't need to be defined in this case. NT/2000 INSIST on user level security. If you do not have an NT domain, add all of the user accounts to the Standalone NT/2000 system. You can also setup/use LDAP so that unix and NT user accounts can sync. Pre-2000 systems cannot use LDAP exclusively. What you end up with is maintaining usernames and passwords on UNIX and on NT/2000. If using SMB on AIX you may, depending on the implmentation, use domain passthrough authorization. Which will use the NT/2000 password. This usually still requires that the username be defined in UNIX but the passwords don't have to match.

Also if you are using an SMB implementation, ensure that the UNIX system does not take place in Browser Elections and exists in only one Domain/Workgroup. NT/2000 will shutdown it's Browser (Login, Shares, Network Neighborhood) when finding a non-MS Master Browser with a higher Election Level. SCO VisionFS does this, so can SAMBA. In profedit, I always set the workgroup to something other than *, I always tell the system 'don't participate in browser elections', and if possible use domain authorization.

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