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Windows 2000 versus Windows NT4.0

By aamenz25 ·
Why should I implement Windows 2000 instead of Windows NT4.0? Please explain with details.

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by ReWrite In reply to Windows 2000 versus Windo ...

Just to update for the sake of updating probably won't do much for you. Additional information would help. Are there processes or applications which you cannot run at the present time that would allow you to do so with an upgrade? Are there any security issues which you cannot implement or overcome which would justify an upgrade?

If your network is running properly and is secure then is there any specific reason(s) for contemplating an upgrade? And also, if you are contemplating an upgrade why upgrade to w2k when you could upgrade to winxp pro?

The biggest reason to upgrade without knowing anything else would be the support issue. NT will lose ms support before w2k or winxp (but I'm not sure at what point ms will discontinue their support).



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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows 2000 versus Windo ...

Windows NT 4.0 will no longer be supported in 14 days is an excellent reason. Hardware vendors won't write new drivers for it, software vendors won't make updates for it, security companies won't write anti-virus updates for it.

Those are some of the good reasons not to implement Windows NT 4.0.

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by razz2 In reply to Windows 2000 versus Windo ...

All the other answers are correct. RW mentioned XP instead of
2000 and I agree assuming your are talking about workstations.
The Win 2000 or NT 4 you mention could be server versions at
which point substitute 2003 for XP.

With that understanding the reasons to upgrade depend on your
needs. As others also said, If the following is all true then you
may not want to upgrade:

1) All is running fine and stable

2 ) You see no future need of adding hardware for which there
may not be a driver.

3) You are secure

4) You will not any MS support.

5) if the machine has a hardware future you will be willing to
retire it if no new hardware with NT drivers is available

However, the reasons to do the upgrade are strong:

1) MS support

2) 2000, XP, and 2003 are more stable.

3) 2000, XP, and 2003 support more system changes without a
reboot needed

4) 2000, XP, and 2003 support Group Policy / AD

5) Availability of hardware and Drivers

6) A more robust architecture

Good Luck,


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