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    Windows 2000 VS my ISP’s DNS Server?


    by grant.nygren ·

    My office consists of 1 Windows 2000 Server running as an Exchange & general file server. The client machines are: 2 Windows 2000 Pro and 4 Win98SE. My office network is a subnet of the ISP as it is in the same building as we are. My ISP has found that ALL the Windows 2000 machines(not just mine) that are running in the building are continualy trying to update thier DNS Server. The system event logs on my 2000 machines show this.

    All DNS services have been disabled on my server.

    The ISP techs think its Active Directory and has to be lived with.

    I think its somthing we are missing and I want to end the 1000+ daily rejected DNS updates that seem to be slowing my network.

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